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Bitcoin Funding and Withdrawals Are Coming!

Welcome to all our newest members. You have
joined ACX at a great time.

Bitcoin is really coming to ACX!

Just a few more hours before we can accept
and send Bitcoin for Funding and Withdrawals.

Just get ready to use Bitcoin, if your country
does not allow Payeer or Perfect Money.

And feel free to use Payeer or Perfect
Money if your country does not allow Bitcoin.

ACX Crypto Accepting Bitcoin Directly

This is great news. Many ACX Members already have
purchased Bitcoins in the past. And, by using their
Crypto Wallet they can easily fund and withdraw
from their ACX Account and Completely By-Pass any
Payment Processor.

Why is that important?

It saves on exchange fees that members have had to
pay up until now. ACX can also use the Bitcoin you
send us immediately, to trade Cryptocurrencies and
make everyone daily profits!

There are many great sites to learn more about Bitcoin
and how to set up a Bitcoin Wallet for the system
you prefer (i.e. desktop, mobile phone, web, etc.).

Just use Google or other search engine, at least until
we get ACX Search re-launched, and search for a
Bitcoin Wallet that works well in your country.

Some Bitcoin Wallets even let you buy Bitcoin with
PayPal or connect to your Bank Account!

After you get a Bitcoin Address, click on "My Wallet",
then "Withdraw" to enter your Bitcoin Address, so
you can use it to request withdrawals from ACX,
coming soon!


Attend the next live conference

A few days a week, you can attend special sessions
with the ACX Sales Manager and get tons of help.

To get email updates, join the EMG today, so you
will be notified of the next meeting.

Here's some of the things we talk about...

- ACX Crypto - it's still new!
- Basic Wallet Exchange
- New Features in ACX Crypto
- Where to Advertise ACX
- What You Need to Promote Better
- How to Make ACX Successful
- How to Pay Nothing, and Make Thousands
- Sales Training
- Motivational Information
- New Marketing Resources
- Planned Marketing Tools
- How to answer the SCAM Questions
- Current Business Status at ACX


The Initiative to Increase CTP is Helping!

If there is one thing you can do that will get you
closer to your goals of financial freedom, for you
and your family...

... it is to build up the number of Ad Packs you
own that pay 1% to 2% for life...

... 3% per day if you spend the max!

That is Over 300% to 900% Per Year!

Are you taking FULL Advantage of this amazing

Just Buy $10 Ad Packs (as many as you can afford)
and let our team of Crypto Trading Experts Do All
The Work for YOU!

ACX Crypto is like a Crypto Trading Club!

ACX Crypto is most similar to a Cryptocurrency
Trading Club, but with the BEST of conditions
for you and your referrals!

- $10 minimum investment (max. $1M)
- ACX Crypto takes all the risk
- No contracts to sign
- Longevity, ACX has been operating since 2013

Hopefully you will see that this combination benefits
gives ACX Members a huge advantage!

Check out who got this week's $1,000 CASH!

Was it you?

ACX Crypto is going to be MORE Exciting than
you can imagine.

Now YOU and all your friends and family - all
the people who probably haven't ever had a
chance to invest in BitCoin or any of the other
Cryptocurrencies before - can make money
Just Like People Who ALREADY Have Money Do!


ACX Crypto has the potential of becoming the
most lucrative program on the Internet... EVER!

Are you going to be one who can look back and

"I joined the ACX Movement, and I am helping
my family and the rest of the world improve
their financial circumstances."

Get started by purchasing as many Ad PAcks as you
can afford.

NOTE: Don't ever spend money you need to live on!!!

We are here to make this work for YOU! Contact
us anytime you have a question at the LIVE CHAT.

You can Earn More if you will share ACX Crypto.

As an ACX Member you can tell EVERYONE you know
that YOU are NOW Making a Minimum of 1% A Day
in the highly publicized Cryptocurrency Market.

And, EVERYONE you know will want to know
exactly how you are doing it!

Introduce them to ACX Crypto ASAP...

... because you don't want someone else to
become their Sponsor!

Start by showing them the new video.

Tell them today! Together, you can make a lot
of money in the Cryptocurrency Market.

Here's the new Affiliate websites you can use
to share with people via email. Just include
the link that has your ACX data already in it.

The new video is in there too!

Once your friends CLICK to get into ACX
Crypto, YOU will automatically become their
Sponsor and will earn 10% on all their purchases.

This is your time to find financial success and
provide your family with the money they need to
live life independently!

The most important aspects of ACX are listed below.

We want you to know how great it is to be a Member
right now.

1) You have NO excuses NOT to make a lot of money!

Everything you need to make money online is here
at ACX - a program that has been paying Daily
Sales Commissions (DSC) of at least 2% for almost
five years.

- A simple pay system that ANYONE can do

- Reputable Pay Processors to handle transactions

- Withdrawals paid in 7 days or less

- Marketing tools for all mediums

- 24/7 Customer Support

- much, much more!

2) You can make a lot of money by sharing ACX.

Do you know anyone who is interested in making
money with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency?

Here are your ACX Crypto Affiliate Websites to share:

Anyone who SHARES ACX with new people will be
paid Referral Commissions on all new purchases,
up to 3 Levels Deep.

Up to 10% on Level 1 (direct referrals)
Up to 5% on Level 2
Up to 2.5% on Level 3 (Gold Membership)

And all the tools you need are ready for you to use.

We train beginners and experts alike, for FREE!

3) You can make a lot of money WITHOUT SHARING

That's right, it's one of the most important features
of ACX Crypto - make THOUSANDS of dollars per day
without sharing ACX - just by purchasing Ad Packs.

The reason you can do this is because we have a big
enough percentage of members who DO share ACX,
to make up for YOU (i.e. No Recruiting Necessary).

Remember, we have all the income from the daily
Cryptocurrency Trading our experts are doing!

4) The Withdrawal Rewards system pays up to $500.

It's sometimes just as effective as promoting ACX
with traditional methods, so feel free to consider
using it, especially for social media and forums.

5) A very similar pay system to what ACX is currently
using motivated up to 10,000 people to sign up per day
in the past, back in 2012 - ACX Crypto is amazing!

ACX Crypto has fixed all the problems of past programs
by adopting the simple, but great JustBeenPaid (JBP)
concept, with even more important features for stability
and usability.

6) Don't join other programs that sell hot air.

Unless they publish a clear plan for the future,
they probably do NOT have one, so there are
very good chances that your money will be lost

...but ACX is different - it's indefinitely sustainable!

7) Committed Customer Support.

24x7x365 we are available and passionate about
you succeeding - visit our ACX Live Chat anytime.

This is clearly the BEST SUPPORT Anywhere!

8) Payment processors we currently use ALL support
Bitcoin, PayPal, Cash, Bank Wire and many other
payment methods - just use an online exchange
service to get your money on the Payment Processor
you choose, so you can buy your Ad Packs.

9) 100s of former ACX Members are re-activating
their accounts each day - there's huge excitement
with the new ACX Crypto!

10) Get help directly from the ACX Sales Manager.
He is one of the most successful internet marketers
ever, and he is ready to help you.

Members at ACX really have a good thing going, and
if we continue to promote and recruit more New
People, we'll make ACX the Best of the Best in
Online Money-making Programs.


ACX Management Team

Apr-13-2018 07:56:41 AM

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