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Keyaco Digital Investments

Hello again!

Due to the increasing Blockchain fees for Bitcoin payments and the very
long time of BTC payments confirmation, we want to explain how the
Perfect Money payment process takes place.

First of all: Perfect Money allows you to make payments in traditional
currency - "FIAT" (such as USD, EUR, RUB and other.). Payment
can even be made as Bank money transfer.

We have noticed that some of you have doubts how this paying process
for the investment works. We dispel this doubts - it works almost
the same as Bitcoin payment that you use on our Platform and in
addition the payment is fully confirmed in a few seconds!
All amounts are automatically filled and calculated.

No matter what currency you use to pay by Perfect Money,
our system automatically exchanges it to Bitcoin! There is also
no need to make any calculations or selecting or searching for
payment details. For example: when you place plan investment initiation
of 0.001 BTC and select Perfect Money payment system, after submit
summary form you will be redirected to PM website where you need
only to sign in and submit payment - that's all!
Next you will be redirected back to Keyaco and your payment will
be confirmed without waiting. No matter if you pay by
USD, EUR or another currency - it always will be exchanged
to Bitcoin amount to cover your initiation. There is no
need to provide any other details to Perfect Money.

This payment process can be compared to making a payment by credit
card online. There is no "waiting for confirmations", as mentioned above
Investment Payment process is almost realtime.

The simplest explanation:
You make investment initiation in Bitcoin, pay for example in USD
and this is converted to Bitcoin.

Oct 27th, 2020 12:44:17

Keyaco NET News

In the recent days, transaction fees for the Bitcoin network
have risen to a high level, which causes your payments to
be confirmed longer than usual and expose you to higher
fees for your BTC wallet operator.

We cordially encourage you to use the Perfect Money payment
system where payment process takes only a while and you do
not wait for confirmation, your investment is activated in less
than 5 minutes.

Additionally Perfect Money payment system allows you to pay
for investments in traditional currency like USD, EUR.
Payment can also be made from your bank account, exchanges,
other Cryptocurrency systems and more.

We also increased profit for all Plans - enjoy!

Oct 27th, 2020 12:06:21

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