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You can REALLY Earn 2% per Day

Welcome to all our newest members. You have
joined ACX at a great time.

The possibility of Earning 2% Each Day has everyone
talking about ACX Crypto... again!

That's right! ACX Management has confirmed that
with our ACX Cryptocurrency Trading Experts doing
all the trades each day...

... ACX CRYPTO CAN PAY 1% A DAY... that's a given.

And, soon 1.5% CTP will become the norm for ACX Crypto...

... for a total of 2% each day ... for life!

The Initiative to Increase CTP is Helping!

If there is one thing you can do that will get you
closer to your goals of financial freedom, for you
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... it is to build up the number of Ad Packs you
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That is Over 300% to 600% Per Year!

Are you taking FULL Advantage of this amazing

Just Buy $10 Ad Packs (as many as you can afford)
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ACX is NOT an HYIP or a ICO

Yesterday we explained how HYIP's operate and it
is nothing like ACX. Unfortunately, many people
in the online-money-making arena don't understand
how ACX works... especially now that our members
get paid Crypto Trading Profits (CTP).

Which brings up another misnomer.

ACX is also not an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

An Initial Coin Offering is a fundraising mechanism
in which new projects sell their underlying cryptocurrency
tokens in exchange for Bitcoin and ether. It's somewhat
similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in which
investors purchase shares of a company.

ACX Crypto isn't remotely close to an ICO, so don't
be afraid of losing your money!

ICOs can be very unethical at times, depending on who
is making the offer, and at best they are very risky.
That's why it's absolutely BEST to let ACX Crypto take
all the RISK for you!

ACX Crypto is most similar to a Cryptocurrency
Trading Club, but with the BEST of conditions
for you and your referrals!

- $10 minimum investment (max. $250K)
- ACX Crypto takes all the risk
- No contracts to sign
- Longevity, ACX has been operating since 2013

Hopefully you will see that this combination of benefits
gives ACX Members a huge advantage!

Withdrawals Now Paid within 7 Days

ACX Management made a decision to pay all Withdrawal
Requests within 7 days, instead of causing all the
stress and expense of paying withdrawals within 24 hours.

From the company view point, it makes far greater sense,
financially speaking, as there are quite a few hoops
EACH withdrawal transaction must jump through...

... and it isn't Cheap to execute them every day.

- Paying thousands of withdrawals every 12 hours

- Exchanging funds at very high exchange rates
to meet daily deadlines

- Being labeled as "not paying" by HYIP Monitoring
sites when we paid a few minutes late

We're NOT an HYIP, but "paying on time" is how HYIPs
measure success, and it's highly unnecessary and
actually ridiculous...

... but that's what HYIPs do in order to keep people
interested in making overinflated and unrealistic earnings.

If this has been an issue for you, we hope you can
understand that Withdrawals within 7 days makes the
most sense, and it helps ACX be more cost effective.

So, make your withdrawal request whenever needed,
and while you wait, feel free to buy Ad Packs with
your earnings when you don't want to wait for
your "pending withdrawal" to be paid.

Of course you can save your Daily Earnings for
a few days and then request a bigger withdrawal.

Don't worry, the Maximum Withdrawal Request has
been increased to $3,000 for now, and it can be
increased again, if necessary.

NOTE: This does NOT mean that it's always going
to take 7 days to receive a withdrawal request.

Our financial department will still be paying
sooner when possible. But right now it doesn't
make sense to endure the stress and additional
expense mentioned above!

Withdrawal fees have also been dropped some too.
ACX can exchange money more inexpensively now!

ACX Management appreciates your understanding and
trust in this matter - it truly is in the best interests of all.

Check out who got this week's $500 CASH!

ACX Crypto is going to be MORE Exciting than
you can imagine.

Now YOU and all your friends and family - all
the people who probably haven't ever had a
chance to invest in Bitcoin or any of the
other Cryptocurrencies before - can make money
Just Like People Who ALREADY Have Money Do!


ACX Crypto has the potential of becoming the
most lucrative program on the Internet... EVER!

Are you going to be one who can look back and

... I joined the ACX Movement, and I am helping
my family and the rest of the world improve
their financial circumstances.

Get started by Buying Ad Packs, as many as you
can afford.

NOTE: Don't ever spend money you need to live on!!!

We are here to make this work for YOU! Contact
us anytime you have a question in LIVE CHAT.

You can Earn More if you share ACX Crypto.

As an ACX Member you can tell EVERYONE you
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Tell them today! Together, you can make a lot
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Here's the new Affiliate websites you can use
to share with people - just include the link that
has your ACX data already in it.

The new video is in there too!

Once your friends CLICK to get into ACX
Crypto, YOU will automatically become their
Sponsor and will earn 10% on all their purchases.

This is your time to find financial success and
provide your family with the money they need to
live life independently!

The most important aspects of ACX are listed below.

We want you to know how great it is to be a Member
right now.

1) You have NO excuses NOT to make a lot of money!

Everything you need to make money online is here
at ACX - a program that has been paying Daily
Sales Commissions (DSC) of at least 2% for over
four years.

- A simple pay system that ANYONE can do

- Reputable Pay Processors to handle transactions

- Daily Withdrawals paid in 24 hours or less

- Marketing tools for all mediums

- 24/7 Customer Support

- much, much more!

2) You can make a lot of money by sharing ACX.

Do you know anyone who is interested in making
money with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency?

Here is your ACX Crypto Affiliate Website to share:

Anyone who SHARES ACX with new people will be
paid Referral Commissions on all new purchases,
up to 3 Levels Deep.

Up to 10% on Level 1 (direct referrals)
Up to 5% on Level 2
Up to 2.5% on Level 3 (Gold Membership)

And all the tools you need are ready for you to use.

We train beginners and experts alike, for FREE!

3) You can make a lot of money WITHOUT SHARING

That's right, it's one of the most important features
of ACX Crypto - make THOUSANDS of dollars per day
without sharing ACX - just by purchasing Ad Packs.

The reason you can do this is because we have a big
enough percentage of members who DO share ACX,
to make up for YOU (i.e. No Recruiting Necessary).

Remember, we have all the income from the daily
Cryptocurrency Trading our experts are doing!

4) The Withdrawal Rewards system pays up to $500.

It's sometimes just as effective as promoting ACX
with traditional methods, so feel free to consider
using it, especially for social media and forums.

5) A very similar pay system to what ACX is currently
using motivated up to 10,000 people to sign up per day
in the past, back in 2012 - ACX Crypto is amazing!

ACX Crypto has fixed all the problems of past programs
by adopting the simple, but great JustBeenPaid (JBP)
concept, with even more important features for stability
and usability.

6) Don't join other programs that sell hot air.

Unless they publish a clear plan for the future,
they probably do NOT have one, so there are
very good chances that your money will be lost

...but ACX is different - it's indefinitely sustainable!

7) Committed Customer Support.

24x7x365 we are available and passionate about
you succeeding - visit our ACX Live Chat anytime.

This is clearly the BEST SUPPORT Anywhere!

8) Payment processors we currently use ALL support
Bitcoin, PayPal, Cash, Bank Wire and many other
payment methods - just use an online exchange
service to get your money on the Payment Processor
you choose, so you can buy your Ad Packs.

9) 100s of former ACX Members are re-activating
their accounts each day - there's huge excitement
with the new ACX Crypto!

10) Get help directly from the ACX Sales Manager.
He is one of the most successful internet marketers
ever, and he is ready to help you.

Members at ACX really have a good thing going, and
if we continue to promote and recruit more New
People, we'll make ACX the Best of the Best in
Online Money-making Programs.


ACX Management Team

Mar-26-2018 06:01:49 PM

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