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Maxvest Group LTD.

Hello everyone,

For those who are still not aware, we have tokenised all investments prematurely, to maintain sustainability & growth of the MVG token market, as well as the profitability for our users. The reasoning for this has been explained in Part 1 (see below).

In part 2 (below), we explained the estimated market support movements and dates, listed here: ✅ MVG Market Plan on Telegram ✅

In this channel, you can calculate and keep track of the market support & ROI if you were to sell your MVG between a specific date period. We recommend that you subscribe and keep up to date with this channel.

Important ETH Wallet Notice

All ETH addresses have recently been reset to the default keystore file address, in order to prevent users from entering unsupported addresses for their MVG. This was a common user-side issue in v1.

The first 700~ users who registered in v1 never had a keystore, and therefor now have a keystore file WITH NO PASSWORD encryption. Please make sure that you try the following when importing your keystore file:
- Your original account password
- Your current account password
- No password
Either of these combinations will work.

strong>Do not want to receive payments to your keystore file?

For users who do not want to use their Keystore file, you have 24 hours to change the ETH address (Edit Account > ETH Address) to one of the following wallets, before we re-enable payments.

The following wallets are recommended for receiving MVG:
- MyEtherWallet
- Trust Wallet

The following wallets are also supported for receiving MVG, though not highly recommended in comparison to the ones previously mentioned:
- Metamask
- Coinomi
- Coinlim Exchange
- Crex24 Exchange

We recommend collecting all of your MVG in your keystore file, importing into MyEtherWallet and then sending to the exchange. By flooding the exchange with hourly payments for example, may cause skipped deposits or issues on the exchange side.

Some frequently asked questions

I have missed payments, how do I fix it?
Due to the large outflow of payments, some have been sent though the Transaction failed, due to Ethereum Blockchain issues. These payments are being fixed before we re-resume payments by rolling back the payout count to the correct figure. You do not need to do anything to fix this issue, it will be fixed automatically.

I have a missing deposit, how do I fix it?
Please contact @mvgrodger on telegram or email with the subject "Missing Deposit - Username". Include the TRANSACTION LINK (TXID) and your username to make the process quick and seamless. We will add it according to the date it was sent, to ensure that no time has been lost.

I am still unable to access Maxvest, how do I fix it?
Simply start another browser in private mode to access the site in the rare circumstance that you are still experiencing DNS issues

Can I still invest in Maxvest?
Yes, it will be automatically converted to MVG & you will receive interest to your keystore or specified ETH address in the "Edit Account" section. Investments will be open for approximately 2 more weeks. After this, all investments will be closed and all remaining payouts will be sent. The version will then be archived.

Thank you all for your support, and patience, while we complete the second crowdfunding venture of MVG. We look forward to growing the token market & preparing the release of Maxvest Invictus (TDIP v3.0).

The MVG Team

Jun-1-2019 02:21:46 PM

Maxvest Group LTD.

Hello everyone,

The Max [MVG] Market Support plan following premature tokenisation of v2 has just been posted.

This guide also allows v1 users who still hold their MVG to accurately estimate selling points for break-even or profit if they no longer wish to hold MVG for longer-term exponential profit.

This support structure will allow the price to hold at the set prices while allowing MVG holders to liquidate. Since we are in a very volatile-market phase, there are chances of higher prices and even further profit. Traders will also be able to play the market for even further profit (or loss if you are not cautious!). Research how to trade cryptocurrency markets, and earn even higher % of profit!

View the MVG Market Support Plan here:

✅ ✅

The MVG Team

Jun-1-2019 02:21:04 PM

Maxvest Group LTD.

Hello everyone,

Firstly, thank you all for your patience and cooperation over the last 72 hours. Below is an official statement for the MVG team, regarding the early tokenisation of all investments as of the 31st of May, 2019.

We would like to clearly state that we did not intend of proceeding with the ending of our incentivisation phase early, though we hit many speed bumps in v2 that was originally not forecasted, preventing the expected tokenisation date to be pushed forward by approximately 35 days:

1. Miner fees between Day 1 & Day 30.
Until we implemented the Batch Payment fix, Maxvest was paying an average of $0.6 USD per Bitcoin transaction on all bitcoin hourly payments, which greatly hurt our ability to continue to sustain incentivised interest payments.

2. Unfairness by Blogger & Monitor Advertisers.
Even the most reputable advertisers in the space accepted contributions from our project which should have been used for widespread marketing of the project. Instead, the irresponsibility, negligence & lack of understanding for our projects concept greatly reduced the expected intake from these marketing investments.

3. DDoS Attacks from competitors
As most know, during the first 30 days we had multiple spaces of long loading times, downtime or service disruption. This was due to competitors consistently attacking our obviously unique project. While this did not stop us, it had a long term effect and reduced our expected time frame with each attempt. While this seems inevitable, our new server solution will allow v3 to never have this issue again.

4. The final straw, server migration.
As we migrated to our new in-penetrable server, the availability was greatly reduced and sealed the deal that we had to tokenise early to ensure everyone got returns from v2.

If we did not make the decision to tokenise early, we would not have been able to support the Max [MVG] Token market, which would have ultimately resulted in a loss during inevitable early tokenisation.

What are the next steps forward?

1. Max [MVG] Payouts will soon be enabled for remaining investment payments
Users will receive the Max [MVG] token for their investments. These tokens will be able to be retrieved from the "Encrypted Keystore File" which is available from the Edit Account section. For a step-by-step guide, please see - Max [MVG] Token Keystore Import Guide

Please Note: To send MVG, you must have at least 0.0005 ETH in the same wallet.

2. Store your MVG, or send to Crex24/CoinLim
You can trade MVG on the Crex24 or CoinLim exchange. The Market support plan will ONLY be on Crex24 though trading will continue on CoinLim

3. Visit the ✅ MVG Market Plan ✅
Here, we will keep an in detail structure of how we will be supporting the MVG market on the Crex24 Exchange. Read Part 3 of our information release for more information.

An email will be sent out to all users to ensure no one misses the above information.

Thank you all for your cooperation. We promise that the upcoming few weeks will still remain profitable for all! Now is Max [MVG]'s time, to shine!

The MVG Team

Jun-1-2019 02:20:04 PM

Maxvest Group LTD.

Hello Everyone,

We have many many improvements to the platform and project overall over this week, which we are happy to share below!

Maxvest Platform Upgrades
Marketing & Brand Recognition Campaigns in full swing!
In the past week, we have been working hard to establish the understanding of the Maxvest TDIP concept, by promoting on new blogs & introducing new monitors to the platform. This is only the beginning! In the coming weeks, we are expecting Maxvest to be one of the talking points in the investment & crypto sectors. Be sure to welcome all of our new investors with open arms in our Telegram channels!

New Payouts System
In the last week, our Batch Payment system has proven to be a tremendous success, reducing miner fees for the platform & users by up to 80% per transaction. For those who are not yet aware, payments are now sent every 45 minutes for Bitcoin, Litecoin & other altcoins. In the coming days, Perfect Money, Ripple, Ethereum & ERC-20 Tokens will be back to 5 minutes between payments. For now, they are also 45 minutes between each payout.

Concept Elaboration - New How It Works Page
We advise all users to read more into our concept, on our new How It Works page, which explains the five phases of our crowdfunding platform in an easy to understand presentation.

Russian & Italian - Complete Support
The website is now completely native to Italian & Russian, thanks to the work of theprofessor, InfernusZP & ICJI. You can congratulate both of these users for their outstanding work in our new Russian & Italian Telegram Channels.

New Coins & Tokens Accepted
The platform now accepts a much wider range of coins and tokens. Search for your favorite currency using the search bar in the select currency step, or browse through new currencies in the "New tab". To request a new currency, contact us via one of our telegram groups.

New Affiliate Banners
We have just released new affiliate banners for Maxvest promoters which have been improved tremendously in comparison to v1. The banners are currently supported for the English, Russian & Italian languages, though will soon be supported for all languages following our language enhancement developments this week.

Max [MVG] Token Updates
MVG Market Injection, Coming soon!
The Max [MVG] Token market support fund has been slowly growing in the background of Maxvest's ongoing success, and will soon enter the Crex24 & CoinLim markets shortly followed by listing on the P2PB2B cryptocurrency exchange. More information will be revealed in our international telegram channel in the coming week!

ETH/MVG & USD/MVG Markets Open on Crex24
You can now exchange the Max [MVG] Token for both Ethereum (ETH/MVG) & Perfect Money (USD/MVG) using the Crex24 Exchange. This one of our many steps forward to gaining wider acceptance of the Max [MVG] Token, which will ultimately result in widespread liquidity & adoption.

MVG now listed on CoinGecko
You can now track the indexed price, volume & trading statistics for the Max [MVG] Token on the CoinGecko Cryptocurrency Index. CoinGecko allows you to calculate the MVG Token value against other cryptocurrency assets as well as receive real-time notifications about recent price events!

New Updates
Our token homepage has recently been updated with our latest information, such as our roadmap, manifesto, 3 month timeline and more. Find out more about how the Max [MVG] Token & TDIP Technology plays a part in the rapidly growing industry of crowdfunding by visiting

Thank you all members for your ongoing support,

Maxvest Management

May-27-2019 02:33:56 PM

Maxvest Group LTD.

Hello Users users can now continue to enjoy our sustainable incentivised crowdfunding platform, with greatly reduced transaction fees, thanks to our latest "Batch Payments" implementation.

Below are the key updates & notices regarding latest payment system upgrade:
- Miner fees are divided equally between all users involved in the transaction (except users who invest above the exemption amount stated in step 3.
- Bitcoin & Altcoin (LTC, Doge, Dash, etc) Payments will now be sent every 30 minutes to allow a large sum of payments to be sent together in one batch payment.
- Ethereum payments will not be sent in a batch, but will now deduct 30000 gas per transaction.
- ERC-20 token payments will not be sent in a batch, but will now deduct the equivalent of 90000 gas from the token payout amount.
- Perfect Money & XRP have no changes currently to their payment systems other than now being processed every 30 minutes.
- In the coming days, Perfect Money, XRP, Ethereum, ERC-20 Tokens will have their own individual processing times, which will be much faster than 30 minutes.

As the platform continues to grow and our technology continues to become stronger, we will gradually reduce the time frame between payments. We will announce the reduction each time it is upcoming.

Thank you for supporting Maxvest,

May-24-2019 12:07:19 AM

Maxvest Group LTD.

Hello everyone.

Maxvest is now publicly released and moving full speed ahead toward global outreach and awareness of our new crowdfunding concept. Below you can find our latest and planned achievements as we progress through May!

v2.0 Platform News

- VIP Winners
Congratulations to SeanTheShark, Lepersa, Matshabat & FairMonitor for finishing first in our first round of VIP Giveaways! Each user has won VIP Status until next weeks draw. Want free VIP? Finish first on any leaderboard by the 22nd of May, 2019 to win!

- System Stability Declared
After thorough testing during the 20 day beta period, the Maxvest Development team now considers the platforms investment & affiliate facilities as stable for larger use. All site functionality should run as intended until the completion phase.

- Ripple Support
The third biggest cryptocurrency by market cap has recently been integrated to the platform. Investment & Affiliate facilities are now completely XRP compatible.

- New Promotional Banners
New animated & static banners are currently being worked on for our valued affiliates. New & existing banners can be found in the "Promotional Banners" section of the Affiliate Area. Currently, 11 banners are available for promotional use.

- New & Enhanced Language Support
Support for Indonesian, Portuguese & Spanish is scheduled to be integrated by the end of next week. This update also includes the improvement of all currently supported languages to improve international usability.

Max [MVG] News

- MVG, at All-Time Highs!
On Monday, Max [MVG] had reached a new all-time high of $0.0129 USD (+430%) on the Crex24 Exchange.

- CoinLim Markets Open
As recently announced by, the BTC/MVG will pair will open on the CoinLim Exchange on Friday the 17th of May, 2019.

- Crex24 ETH/MVG & USD/MVG Markets Open
Ethereum & Perfect Money (USD) markets will be opened on the Crex24 Exchange in the coming week.

- Listing on Market Index
Max [MVG] will be listed on CoinMarketCap, where real time data about our tokens market cap, trading volume and latest price will become available.

- Listing at - CryptoCurrency Exchange
Ranked among the top 20 exchanges by volume in the cryptocurrency space, P2PB2B, has granted the opening of BTC/MVG markets by listing Max [MVG]. The expected listing date is currently the 30th of May, 2019.

Thank you for your continued support,

MVG Management

May-15-2019 02:53:09 PM

Maxvest Group LTD.

12 May 2019
Hello everyone,

We are currently preparing our development update for the 13th of May (tomorrow) & our public release update on the 15th of May (Wednesday). In the meantime, we have some small updates below!

1. We have revamped our How It Works (formerly About Us) page to include relevant information regarding the 3 phases of a TDIP.

2. We have updated our MVG 3 Months Timeline if you have not already viewed it.

3. We had a small issue with cloudflare effecting Dash, Doge & LTC deposits. The issue has since been fixed, Instant Deposits & Automated Payouts are online and fully functional as normal.

4. Ripple [XRP]... Coming soon...

We look forward to releasing our next updates in the coming days.

Thank you,
MVG Management

May-14-2019 11:39:59 AM

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