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Maxvest Group LTD.

Hello Everyone,

We have many many improvements to the platform and project overall over this week, which we are happy to share below!

Maxvest Platform Upgrades
Marketing & Brand Recognition Campaigns in full swing!
In the past week, we have been working hard to establish the understanding of the Maxvest TDIP concept, by promoting on new blogs & introducing new monitors to the platform. This is only the beginning! In the coming weeks, we are expecting Maxvest to be one of the talking points in the investment & crypto sectors. Be sure to welcome all of our new investors with open arms in our Telegram channels!

New Payouts System
In the last week, our Batch Payment system has proven to be a tremendous success, reducing miner fees for the platform & users by up to 80% per transaction. For those who are not yet aware, payments are now sent every 45 minutes for Bitcoin, Litecoin & other altcoins. In the coming days, Perfect Money, Ripple, Ethereum & ERC-20 Tokens will be back to 5 minutes between payments. For now, they are also 45 minutes between each payout.

Concept Elaboration - New How It Works Page
We advise all users to read more into our concept, on our new How It Works page, which explains the five phases of our crowdfunding platform in an easy to understand presentation.

Russian & Italian - Complete Support
The website is now completely native to Italian & Russian, thanks to the work of theprofessor, InfernusZP & ICJI. You can congratulate both of these users for their outstanding work in our new Russian & Italian Telegram Channels.

New Coins & Tokens Accepted
The platform now accepts a much wider range of coins and tokens. Search for your favorite currency using the search bar in the select currency step, or browse through new currencies in the "New tab". To request a new currency, contact us via one of our telegram groups.

New Affiliate Banners
We have just released new affiliate banners for Maxvest promoters which have been improved tremendously in comparison to v1. The banners are currently supported for the English, Russian & Italian languages, though will soon be supported for all languages following our language enhancement developments this week.

Max [MVG] Token Updates
MVG Market Injection, Coming soon!
The Max [MVG] Token market support fund has been slowly growing in the background of Maxvest's ongoing success, and will soon enter the Crex24 & CoinLim markets shortly followed by listing on the P2PB2B cryptocurrency exchange. More information will be revealed in our international telegram channel in the coming week!

ETH/MVG & USD/MVG Markets Open on Crex24
You can now exchange the Max [MVG] Token for both Ethereum (ETH/MVG) & Perfect Money (USD/MVG) using the Crex24 Exchange. This one of our many steps forward to gaining wider acceptance of the Max [MVG] Token, which will ultimately result in widespread liquidity & adoption.

MVG now listed on CoinGecko
You can now track the indexed price, volume & trading statistics for the Max [MVG] Token on the CoinGecko Cryptocurrency Index. CoinGecko allows you to calculate the MVG Token value against other cryptocurrency assets as well as receive real-time notifications about recent price events!

New Updates
Our token homepage has recently been updated with our latest information, such as our roadmap, manifesto, 3 month timeline and more. Find out more about how the Max [MVG] Token & TDIP Technology plays a part in the rapidly growing industry of crowdfunding by visiting

Thank you all members for your ongoing support,

Maxvest Management

May-27-2019 02:33:56 PM

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