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Maxvest Group LTD.

Hello everyone,

For those who are still not aware, we have tokenised all investments prematurely, to maintain sustainability & growth of the MVG token market, as well as the profitability for our users. The reasoning for this has been explained in Part 1 (see below).

In part 2 (below), we explained the estimated market support movements and dates, listed here: ✅ MVG Market Plan on Telegram ✅

In this channel, you can calculate and keep track of the market support & ROI if you were to sell your MVG between a specific date period. We recommend that you subscribe and keep up to date with this channel.

Important ETH Wallet Notice

All ETH addresses have recently been reset to the default keystore file address, in order to prevent users from entering unsupported addresses for their MVG. This was a common user-side issue in v1.

The first 700~ users who registered in v1 never had a keystore, and therefor now have a keystore file WITH NO PASSWORD encryption. Please make sure that you try the following when importing your keystore file:
- Your original account password
- Your current account password
- No password
Either of these combinations will work.

strong>Do not want to receive payments to your keystore file?

For users who do not want to use their Keystore file, you have 24 hours to change the ETH address (Edit Account > ETH Address) to one of the following wallets, before we re-enable payments.

The following wallets are recommended for receiving MVG:
- MyEtherWallet
- Trust Wallet

The following wallets are also supported for receiving MVG, though not highly recommended in comparison to the ones previously mentioned:
- Metamask
- Coinomi
- Coinlim Exchange
- Crex24 Exchange

We recommend collecting all of your MVG in your keystore file, importing into MyEtherWallet and then sending to the exchange. By flooding the exchange with hourly payments for example, may cause skipped deposits or issues on the exchange side.

Some frequently asked questions

I have missed payments, how do I fix it?
Due to the large outflow of payments, some have been sent though the Transaction failed, due to Ethereum Blockchain issues. These payments are being fixed before we re-resume payments by rolling back the payout count to the correct figure. You do not need to do anything to fix this issue, it will be fixed automatically.

I have a missing deposit, how do I fix it?
Please contact @mvgrodger on telegram or email with the subject "Missing Deposit - Username". Include the TRANSACTION LINK (TXID) and your username to make the process quick and seamless. We will add it according to the date it was sent, to ensure that no time has been lost.

I am still unable to access Maxvest, how do I fix it?
Simply start another browser in private mode to access the site in the rare circumstance that you are still experiencing DNS issues

Can I still invest in Maxvest?
Yes, it will be automatically converted to MVG & you will receive interest to your keystore or specified ETH address in the "Edit Account" section. Investments will be open for approximately 2 more weeks. After this, all investments will be closed and all remaining payouts will be sent. The version will then be archived.

Thank you all for your support, and patience, while we complete the second crowdfunding venture of MVG. We look forward to growing the token market & preparing the release of Maxvest Invictus (TDIP v3.0).

The MVG Team

Jun-1-2019 02:21:46 PM

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